Intelligent solutions for industrial productivity challenges

Tech Mining

A startup based in the heart of QLD’s mining region, Vayeron’s Smart-Idler sensor is a patented systems monitoring technology for industrial conveyor rollers, set to revolutionise industrial operations globally.   

Vayeron’s leading, state-of-the-art technology acts to predict roller operating failures in advance through machine diagnostics generating real-time data. Integrated at manufacturing stage, the Smart-Idler sensor acts to reduce down time, maintenance costs and improve personnel safety in industrial work environments where reliance on conveyor operations is integral.  

As a graduate Mechanical Engineer, founder Ryan Norris of Mackay began his career auditing conveyors in underground coal mines in the Bowen Basin.  

The concept of the Smart-Idler technology came about when he realised that much greater production efficiencies could be achieved with the right technology in place.  Relying on current equipment and procedures meant that failures were too often missed, hindering the production lines ability to work at an optimal level with costly outcomes.

Norris made the move to Sydney in 2015 to team up with electronics firm Ingenuity and finalise the development of the Smart-Idler system.  Prior, beginning in late 2012 he worked on a ‘proof-of-concept’ prototype which demonstrated the potential of the technology. This resulted in the successful formation of Vayeron’s first industrial partnership. After years of research and development and rigorous field testing, the deployment of Vayeron’s first pilot system was conducted in early 2018 and the team continue to develop their pilot programs, aiming to secure ongoing business from successful program outcomes.   

2018 also saw the Vayeron team grow in numbers and work to further develop strategic alliances and partnerships, and focus on the stabilisation of their supply chains.

Vayeron has received close to $1.5 million in investor funding from the Brisbane and Melbourne Angels, an Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

In 2020 Vayeron now has four products, its original Smart-Idler, a 3G/4G Field Gateway, an End-of-Line Verification and a Wireless Inclinometer.