Sponsored LinX

Award-winning digital marketing agency on the move


Sponsored LinX recently won the Digital Disrupter Award and took home the overall Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at Business News Australia’s Young Entrepreneur Awards.

The Queensland startup also recently moved into their new national headquarters in Fortitude Valley - a space that is “warm, energetic and fun” and boasts a five-star energy rating.

“As a Google Premier Partner, our latest project has focused on bringing the Silicon Valley and a new age approach to our very own home and hub, Fortitude Valley.” 

SponsoredLinX is a leading digital marketing agency, founded in 2006 by Ben Bradshaw while working out of his garage.

“Through trial and error, I had been able to develop an advertising method that could be adapted to suit the needs of any business,” says Ben.

“I also recognised that there was a huge knowledge gap that many SMEs still face today, as they struggle to keep up with the rate at which the technology curve is moving.

“It was this, along with my passion for digital marketing, that I felt obliged desired  to share my findings and my knowledge.”

Now, SponsoredLinX help SMEs across Australia and New Zealand generate growth and improve their business by gaining online traffic, converting sales and retaining customers.

They deliver tailored digital marketing strategies with Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media advertising, and also offer web development services.

What makes SponsoredLinX truly unique however is its proprietary web platform, which maximises conversions for business.  

“Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective platforms and even the smallest business can benefit from it. However, research shows that there is still a large percentage of businesses who have never tried using it.”

The reason for this, Ben says, is because of a lack of understanding of the overall fundamentals.

“SponsoredLinX strives to bridge this enormous knowledge gap by reaching out to SMEs, and educating them on the importance of digital marketing and the opportunities it provides.”

Going forwards, Ben says there are “so many projects on the horizon”.

“Research has also shown that there is a huge lack of understanding within the US market of the importance of digital marketing; with most SMBs only looking after a small base of 20 clients or less.

“At present, only 2% of SMBs in the US are managing a client base of 200+, which presents SponsoredLinX with a huge opportunity to crack into a new market and generate more business.

“As we continue to expand  globally we are presented with the opportunity to reach thousands - if not millions - of businesses who need assistance transitioning into the digital marketing world and generating more leads.”

SponsoredLinx is also currently in the process of launching a new social media product with world class API automation, designed specifically for small businesses.