Monarc Global

Online booking software for aircraft charter


Back in 2017 Royce Crown, a pilot of 20 years, was motivated by both frustration and anger when he decided to change the way people book private flights.

“I saw a desperate need for what we are doing now where we can produce and fly available aircrafts and provide available pricing,” Royce says.

This marked the beginning of Brisbane startup Monarc Global.

Around the world Monarc Global aims to solve two problems for private aircraft charter:

  1. To ease the biggest pain point for most aircraft operators with the manual quoting process.
  2. To give customers who charter aircrafts instant availability and live pricing for aircrafts in a way that allows them to compare with traditional airline prices as per seat ratio, or do a comparison of operators to source better deals for jets they would normally charter.

Having noticed the high levels of unemployment for pilots, and the traffic problems on the M1, he fought to find a solution to alleviate both issues and began chartering helicopters from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Royce and his co-founders Monica Zagrodny and Cameron Deane soon found that the booking process for any type of aircraft charter was long and tedious.

Sourcing availability and pricing from an operator was taking two to three days, which was simply unacceptable for their clients, and their future plans.

“We had clients that were willing to spend money on flights but who wouldn’t get a quote back until the day after they were supposed to fly. This is a hard pill to swallow for a small business. When you have the opportunity to make that kind of money but you’re relying on someone else to do a portion of the work to get you the information you need,” he says.

The frustration with current booking systems was one thing, but it was a run-in with someone who took his idea for their own that pushed Royce’s need for revenge.

“Hate moves mountains,” he says, laughing.

Royce had previously pitched the idea behind Monarc Global to the owner of a brokerage firm. After rejecting the idea, the firm owner implemented it within his own business no more than three weeks later.

Igniting a fire under Royce, he worked harder than ever to use Monarc Global in a way to make the other company reliant on Monarc Global software.

As a self-funded venture Monarc Global joined the River City Labs Accelerator program and were granted a $100,000 investment. In February 2019 they launched a raise for $500,000 and within less than six months it was oversubscribed.

Having proudly built and tested their technology in Australia, the natural progression is to expand internationally. With their sights set on the United States and Canada, expansion will begin as early as August 2019.

Royce feels their current technology is perfect. He would now like to expand this technology to allow for additional modes of transport.

It has taken the business two years to figure out what is necessary in their industry and now they have, Monarc Global is moving in leaps and bounds with their team growing exponentially in the past six months, moving into a bigger office space, and racing towards expansion.

Royce well and truly lives by the mantra: if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.

“The past year it hasn’t felt like work once,” he says.