Venturer Program

The Venturer Program is a wilderness expedition developed by Best Job in the World winner Ben Southall and The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

The world-first program focuses on building emotional, mental and physical grit that are the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs. The Venturer Program takes participants out of their comfort zone, away from mobile phone coverage and throws them together with other like-minded individuals who thrive on physical and mental challenges. 

Zero connectivity - no emails, no phone just simple nature and awesome people to converse with". Stewart Glynn, Mission II

Our last Venturer Program travelled deep into the Mongolian steppe and took a cohort of Queensland-based entrepreneurial, adventurous minds on a life-journey like never before. 

Far from the reach of digital technology, they travelled with the nomadic herders on their annual migration, summitted Tsetsee Gun (2258m) the highest mountain in the Bogd Uul region, and together with the Nomadic School of Business, Ben Southall, Adventurer-in-Residence at the Office of the Chief Entrepreneur, exposed the Venturers to a new way of thinking to help them re-evaluate their current challenges, learn more about the importance of flexibility, resilience and purpose and form deep connections within the Queensland startup community.

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