unKEMPt Podcast Episode 2: How Airbnb is building a 21st century company


Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, discusses how Airbnb went from an air mattress in a living room to a global juggernaut – and where it’s going next.

It’s raw, it’s real, it’s unKEMPt – a podcast for founders, investors and entrepreneurs hosted by Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp, the founder and CEO of Everledger.

This week, Leanne talks to Susan Wheeldon, the leader of Airbnb in Australia and New Zealand, about how the ‘unicorn’ tourism start-up worth over $4 billion has weathered the COVID-19 storm, and why the company’s responsibility isn’t just to its employees and shareholders, but to the next generation.

Then, in less than three minutes, Leanne ‘Leannesplains’ what it means to shift from being a company that prioritises shareholder value to a company that prioritises stakeholder value, and why every start-up needs to make the transition.

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