unKEMPt Podcast Episode 1: How Luke Anear’s SafetyCulture hit unicorn status


In the debut episode of OQCE’s unKEMPt podcast, SafetyCulture CEO Luke Anear tells Leanne Kemp how his work as a private investigator led to a billion-dollar tech startup.

It’s raw, it’s real, it’s unKEMPt – a podcast for founders, investors and entrepreneurs hosted by Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp, the founder and CEO of Everledger.

An internationally recognised leader and innovator in the technology sector, Leanne knows what it takes to start up, scale up and run a successful global company. In each episode of unKEMPt, she taps into her extensive network of experts to spotlight start-up success stories and provide invaluable advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

This week, Leanne talks to Luke Anear about what he’s had to sacrifice to start and scale SafetyCulture; how he’s built the company into a ‘Unicorn’ (a startup valued at over $1 billion); and the most satisfying moments along the way.

Then, Leanne ‘Leannesplains’ what every start-up founder needs to know about exit strategies in less than three minutes!

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