The Impact List


As Leanne Kemp might say, we need to move from just looking at profit and loss, to profit, loss and impact. The companies of tomorrow are being created today. Interested in your own impact or how you can be part of the change? Check out our list of 10 impact-led companies starting and scaling in Queensland right now.

1. Ag Unity
AgUnity is a global technology platform empowering thousands of organisations working toward UN Sustainable Development Goals to connect the last mile. We love that Ag Unity is looking to empower and drive community education for behavioural change so that we can all make real improvements that have life-changing impact for billions of people around the world. 

2. Altina
We love that Altina is on a mission to shake-up Aussie drinking culture! They have a range of non-alcoholic drink options including wine, cocktails, mocktails and healthy alternatives. We love that this impact first company provides great tasting alternatives to alcohol, and best yet - they’re powered by plants so are even low in sugar!

3. Audeara

Have you ever tried on a set of Audeara headphones? We think it will change how you listen. Why? Because they are calibrated for what you can hear. These revolutionary headphones were created right here in Queensland and are now registered as assistive technology on the NDIS. Whether or not you need these headphones as a health product, support the company that is supporting Australians to listen well. 

4. Enviro Sand
It’s hard not to love a company that is turning a waste problem into a green solution! The team at Enviro Sand is recovering glass waste previously destined for landfill and converting it into valuable glass sands and powders. Why is this important? Because it provides a sustainable alternative to the mining of virgin quarried sand products. 

5. Future Anything
Future Anything is empowering youth entrepreneurship in schools. We love them because Nic Dyson and her team are awesome at getting the best out of kids! Whether it be schooling them in how to pitch, making sure their business ideas are viable or providing a stage from which to shout their ideas at the world, we know there will be a good number of kids who choose entrepreneurship after finishing school because of Future Anything. 

6. Green Fox Studio
Looking for a media studio with a difference? Green Fox Studio operates as a not-for-profit creative training studio inside a male high-security prison. They are socially conscious and working with prisoners who are intent on turning their lives around by breaking the cycle of reoffending. The result? An incredible and drastic reduction in re-offending observed for those who participate. 

7. Little Phil
LIttle Phil is the new way to give charitably. Because we can all be a little philanthropist! And phil good too (say it out loud, it works!) Think of it like this: you can make small donations to charities and causes that fit with you, or you can contribute an amount to larger projects. The best bit is that there is research to suggest that giving not just makes a positive impact for those who receive the money, but it also gives the giver a warm fuzzy feeling too! What’s not to love?

8. Sound Off For Schools
How many times have you said, or overheard the refrain about life being just too busy?! Or there being too much cognitive noise to truly disconnect and relax? You’re not alone. And neither are our kids. Enter Sound Off For Schools, a mindfulness program combining cognitive neuroscience, educational psychology and pedagogical practice to help our kids be more mindful. We love that the mission is to deliver relevant school-based programs where kids are aided in their development of emotional regulation, cognitive awareness, resilience, compassion and gratitude. Bring it on!

9. Virtual Songlines
The First Nations of Australia have the longest continuous cultural history of any group of people on the planet. Songlines are handed down through generations tracing the journeys, explaining cultural values and sharing wisdom. The Virtual Songlines project is an immersive, interconnected multi-user virtual heritage simulation covering 50 cities and regional towns across Australia. We particularly love the augmented reality experience that gives users tangible insights into the history of this country.

10. World’s Biggest Garage Sale
If you don’t know Yas Grigaliunas and her team at WBGS by now, we don’t know where you’ve been hiding! This is a team that literally wears their hearts on their sleeves (ok, t-shirts) and continues to expand and grow. With a mantra of profit, purpose and planet, you can find the team at their circular economy precinct in Morningside repurposing anything from boots to gaming chairs.