Advance Queensland, OQCE and BDO Australia partner on The Business of Entrepreneurship Program


Most startups and scaleups in Queensland have been impacted in some way by COVID-19. Some have been hit hard, others have seen business boom.

Advance Queensland, the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and BDO (one of the world’s leading accountancy and advisory organisations) have come together to deliver The Business of Entrepreneurship Program. This program involves four virtual financial education programs for four different categories of startups: Increasers, Runway Extenders, Hibernators and Moving On.

“Being an entrepreneur means starting and building a successful business from scratch, which can also lead to creative, innovative approaches, and risk which others might avoid,” Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp says.

“Queensland-based startups now have the opportunity to enhance their business knowledge in The Business of Entrepreneurship. There has never been a greater need for financial acumen as there is now during COVID, and I am pleased that BDO is offering financial education in this way.”

The financial programs include:

Start to Scale: A two-day program for regional and metro-based Queensland startups and scaleups that have increased momentum through COVID-19. This is for those who have seen significant growth in the past six months and want to make the most of the opportunity to scale rapidly.
Runway Extender: A two-day program for startups in Queensland that have continued to trade through COVID-19 but need a better understanding of their runway. This program is for those who want a tool to calculate their cash position and strategies to stretch and extend their runway.
Plan to Pause: A webinar for startups that need to hit the pause button on their growth plans and re-evaluate short- to medium-term priorities. This webinar is ideal for startups looking for knowledge about how to protect their assets, understand the difference between hibernation and administration, or the options for using escrow.
Moving On: A webinar for startups that have been hit hard by COVID-19 and have decided to exit, sell down, fold-in or pivot away. This webinar is ideal for startups who need practical advice on how to move on from their business and want support from industry experts to execute an exit plan.

These programs will be facilitated by Tanya Titman, BDO National Lead, Financial Education, and Marc Orchard, BDO Director of Startups. BDO’s Financial Educators are committed to helping early-stage, high-growth companies become scalable, investable and saleable. Tanya and Marc have over 20 years of experience working with startup and scaleup founders from across the globe.

“Advance Queensland is a passionate supporter of Queensland startups and in assisting them to develop the skills they need to successfully run and grow their businesses,” Advance Queensland Deputy Director-General, Innovation, Dr Sarah Pearson says.

“Through this partnership with BDO, I look forward to helping our talented entrepreneurs and founders with the support they need to help them survive and thrive, and to continue to create jobs now and for the future.”

This is a great opportunity for startups and scaleups to access incredible educational programs. Applications are now open, you can learn more about the programs and apply here. Spots are limited.