Regional Landing Pad at the Precinct


The Regional Landing Pad - a free, dedicated coworking space for regional Queensland’s startup and innovation community members - has been newly refurbished and is opening its doors.

Startups based in regional Queensland and innovation community members registered outside metropolitan Brisbane are encouraged to use the resource.

It’s based in the Precinct - one of Queensland’s largest innovation hubs connecting Queensland startups, scaleups, incubators, investors and mentors under one roof. And it’s conveniently located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, only 1.8 kilometres from the heart of Brisbane City.

The Regional Landing Pad creates a Brisbane home base for startups and innovators for up to two weeks at a time, allowing them to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to share ideas, fine-tune concepts and be inspired.

The benefits to those who participate are tremendous.

Members will have direct access to engagement officers from the Advance Queensland team to help solve problems, get an idea off the ground and accelerate growth. And with neighbours including the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, AI Hub, QCN Fire, FloodMapp and River City Labs, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for interesting watercooler chats.

This unique opportunity allows for regular networking, showcasing and upskilling events at the Precinct and gives access to ample meeting and shared spaces, including a 150-seat Stair Stadium and a 100-seat Seminar room, kitchen and dining areas, free WiFi and modern end-of-trip facilities.

The refurbishment has been carried out by World’s Biggest Garage Sale, who consulted with regions about what they wanted from the space to ensure the space it created was inspiring, motivating, practical and unique.

“Innovation in regional Queensland is thriving and we want to provide as many resources as possible to help this growth and support all those on the entrepreneurial journey,” says Dr Sarah Pearson, Queensland’s Deputy Director-General of Innovation. “It has been a great opportunity to work closely and collaborate with such an amazing Queensland startup in World’s Biggest Garage Sale, and it is really exciting to have this refurbished space to meet, connect, learn, share and collaborate.”

Elements of the interior design reflect the principles of a circular economy and have been executed in such a way that the space and pieces within it, will become an exemplar circular economy project.

"The opportunity to work with the Queensland Government and the DSDTI team on the refit of the Regional Landing Pad has been an incredible and exciting project for our team. Our focus was to design an office refit with circular economy principles, demonstrating action and outcomes of what's possible using products ordinarily discarded to landfill,” says co-founder of World’s Biggest Garage Sale, Yas Grigaliunas.

The furniture is upcycled, reclaimed and/or redesigned second-hand furniture and the aesthetic aims to evoke a sense of “inspired calm”, including greenery and a connection to native Australian flora.

“Not satisfied to just supply used office products throughout, our World’s Biggest Garage Sale team utilised resources such as old wooden pallets, damaged and imperfect tabletops, end-of-life apparel and textiles, and excess products such as carpet tiles, old picture frames and even startup Tees resewn as cushion covers, to remanufacture products using non-virgin materials, reinvigorating the space,” Yas says.

“With custom-made pieces, constructed from resource recovered materials, we were able to bring the essence of Queensland to the design. I have far too many favourite elements to choose just one, but I particularly love the way we took traditional fit-out methodologies to bring pieces of Queensland into the space, from the sustainably sourced privacy booth cushion covers, right down to the gifted original Tambo Teddy."

There is a mix of private or quiet spaces, seating and standing desks, individual, breakout and group spaces, and provisions for whiteboard work.

The result is a functional, flexible, inclusive and welcoming space that tells the story of Queensland innovation. A place that makes people feel at home when they’re away from their regional family, friends and offices.

Bookings for the Regional Landing Pad are essential. You can book online here.