Queensland’s new innovation hub gives entrepreneurs a place to connect, share and grow


QiHub, an online community that showcases Queensland’s vibrant innovation and startup ecosystem, has given entrepreneurs a new place to meet, connect and share their successes during COVID-19.

Connecting virtually is more important than ever, and will continue to be, as we pivot the way we work and operate in our daily lives and in business.

The Advance Queensland Innovation Team recognised this and, along with the OQCE brains trust and developers at Aussie startup, Ramen Life, have been working away behind the scenes to create QiHub – the Queensland Innovation Hub.

This online platform is the only one of its kind in Queensland – a place to discover all the state’s entrepreneurs in one convenient location. It’s a place to get noticed. And right now, as we unite and recover, getting noticed is incredibly important.

“Innovation in Queensland is thriving and we want to help you show this as well as accelerate your success,” says Dr Sarah Pearson, Queensland’s Deputy Director-General of Innovation. “With QiHub we are able to meet, connect, share and collaborate in a digital space curated by the team here at Advance Queensland.

“No matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you are on, from idea to scale up, QiHub is your space to share a win, find a new collaboration or funding opportunity, see what events are coming up, and even post or find jobs. It’s really exciting to see hundreds of profiles already up and running – the more we connect, the better the platform works, so what are you waiting for? See you on QiHub!”

Our community is diverse and bursting with ideas, drive and talent. So why not join? For startups, QiHub offers a chance to be part of something bigger.

Startups who sign up to QiHub will be able to:

  • Get noticed by collaborators and the government to help solve problems.
  • Acquire new opportunities by promoting your business directly to government, industry and the rest of the ecosystem.
  • Search for other innovative businesses around Queensland.
  • Connect with like-minded founders, mentors and investors.
  • Advertise jobs to a ready and engaged audience.
  • Discover events, programs, grants and investment opportunities.

Leanne Kemp, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, says QiHub is a great initiative that will “digitally connect our ecosystem”.

“I’m excited to already have my company, Everledger, up and running on the platform,” Leanne says. “This is a tool for all of us to use and share – our very own ‘White Pages’ of innovation in Queensland!”

Ready to unlock the potential of Queensland’s innovation community? Check QiHub out for yourself at