The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur is on the road


We are so excited to be on the road, connecting with regions and meeting with incredible Queensland entrepreneurs, companies and organisations.

One week down and we’ve already visited the Glasshouse Mountains, Maroochydore, Peregian/Noosa, Cherbourg, Gympie, Maryborough and Biggenden!

It’s been a huge week and we’ve loved connecting with many of the different innovators and entrepreneurs these areas have to offer.

Skills and micro-credentials, building capacities for innovation and a resilient Queensland is in the mind of the Chief as she traverses the regional towns of the state.

“I’ve loved being on the road connecting with innovators and entrepreneurs, small business and local councils. Queensland is one amazing state and there is so much to learn about how things are done,” says Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp.

“Skills flexibility and lifelong learning are hot topics on the current travel trip agenda… it’s clear these are important elements for regional capacity of being resilient to the economic, health and social shocks resting to COVID.

“Beyond COVID-19, our regions coordinate and manifest a capability to develop new knowledge and to generate innovations.”

What we’ve been hearing from you so far:

  • Skills: How to train and keep skilled young people in the regions – from advanced manufacturing to tech and hospitality, we are hearing that you want to train and upskill locals to keep your local communities vibrant
  • Logistics and connectivity: Australia is a big place and there is a lot to offer, but getting to market in a timely manner is still an issue. Whether it’s exporting the best seafood from the Sunshine Coast or connecting in via digital channels, there’s still work to be done around how to make this less of an issue and more business as usual
  • The challenge around ‘what is innovation’: Leanne Kemp has been speaking about the need for more applied knowledge centres. Sometimes innovation is not about what’s new, but about what has been done for ages but could be done better. Farming and agtech is a rich example of how techniques from 100 years ago might still be being used today. But with some innovation and applied knowledge, there could be a game changer out there who is doing the same thing but differently.

Don’t worry - on the completion of our trip we will work with these findings and the findings still to come in continued reports, talks and maybe even a book, so no one misses out.

“We’re now at about the halfway mark of this first leg of our regional road trip and I can’t wait to meet more people as we make our way north to Townsville,” Leanne says.

Our remaining itinerary is packed as we continue to hug the coast and visit:

  • Bundaberg
  • Gladstone
  • Biloela
  • Rockhampton
  • Mackay
  • Bowen
  • Townsville

“Even in the globalised world of today, differences in the nature of economic systems do not only prevail between countries but also within national borders, for instance at the level of regions. We’ve discovered there are regional specifics that reveal vast differences in economic activity and structure, the institutional, socio-economic and cultural environment and not least, in the development potential of bounded geographical areas,” Leanne says.

“Notably there is a high intensity of innovation activities in several manufacturing industries, which is proving beneficial with regard to the development of new key sectors and manufacturing technologies, especially associated with ‘smart industry’ and ‘Industry 4.0’.”

At each stop we will be throwing open the doors to host open forums. We are big believers in the more the merrier, so we welcome anyone and everyone to turn up and participate. With anything open to discussion (respectfully of course!).

“When we’re #GoodToGo, we #GiveItAGo in Queensland! Whatever it is, now is the time to give it a go and innovate. That project you’ve been putting off, that idea that is half-formed, why not give it a go,” Leanne says.

Before the year is out, we plan to do additional regional road trips, to let us visit even more places that do remarkable work in driving and fostering change.

We want to focus on the legacy that our Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp will leave as Chief. Whether that be connectivity in the regions or how we can champion innovation within the government. And on this road trip in particular, we really want to look at what it takes to create a thriving innovation atmosphere.

We are also lucky enough to have some Advance Queensland representatives joining us along the way.

Want to relive some of our regional engagements from last year? Check them out on Facebook.

For those who can’t join us, we will of course be sharing all of the behind the scenes of the trip, so stay tuned to our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for daily updates and digests.