What has Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp been up to?


As always, it is a busy time for the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp, attending events both nationally and internationally, sharing her thought leadership on the podcast Impact Boom and co-authoring a book.

In September when the Premier of Queensland had to return home due to the bushfires, Leanne stepped in and represented the Premier by speaking in Paris. The Chief gave an update on the Queensland economy, shared opportunities for investment in Queensland, spoke about circular economy, sustainability and Advance Queensland. This was a great opportunity and example of Leanne being a champion of Queensland innovation and entrepreneurs no matter where she is in the world.

She followed this up by attending events during the UN Climate Week in New York, in her capacity as CEO of Everledger. While attending as CEO of Everledger, Leanne is always sharing the message about the wonderful innovation happening in Queensland, and never misses a chance to promote and champion Queensland entrepreneurs either. For us in Queensland, it’s incredible to have a Chief who is so connected around the world.

Later in September, Leanne spoke at Circular Economy Taiwan, you can find out more about the event here. And spent some time in Bali where she bumped into the team from Powerwells - a Queensland startup - doing work at Green School around sustainability. No matter where she is in the world Leanne seeks out Queensland innovators doing great things worldwide.

Moving into October, OQCE hosted a Founders Breakfast for social enterprise founders, which Leanne attended. If you’re interested in Leanne’s thoughts on a new breed of values-driven, inclusive and compassionate leadership you may be interested in checking out her recent podcast with Impact Boom here.

Leanne also attended the QLD Export Awards, where she was privileged to present The Technology and Innovation Award. You can check out the awards wrap video here. She even showed off the shoes she picked up from If the Shoe Fits - the World’s Biggest Garage Sale pop up shop (pictured below).

And if her packed calendar of events didn’t keep her busy enough, Leanne co-authored a book with Julia Walker - Sustainable Development Goals. Check out the photo below of Leanne and her co-author Julia, who crossed paths in New York.

What’s next for The Chief? More regional travel in Queensland, some overseas work and the World Economic Forum visiting Brisbane in late October.