Update from OQCE

Update from OQCE 17 September 2019


How time flies!

Last week Leanne headed to Europe for Everledger business but managed to ‘plug’ the opportunities for European investors and give a shout out to startups from Queensland. Leanne met with the Advanced Manufacturing team at the World Economic Forum in Geneva and presented on the future of Blockchain at the OECD in Paris, you can see the recorded stream here

And recently, in fantastic news that spread far and wide, we were very excited to announce that Leanne’s tenure as Chief has been extended to 31 December 2020 – this is the first time the role has been extended past 12 months. We know Leanne is keen to get down to business and #GSD building on the work she’s already begun. 

We are working on a wrap up of what the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur has been up to this year and it’s already clear that 2019 has been a big year. The inaugural Adopt-a-Chief program has linked Leanne with two, soon to be three, startups to provide mentoring and guidance for the day; we hosted our first Climate Hackathon; supported community leaders and entrepreneurs to consider the investment and tech opportunities in Boulder, Denver, San Francisco and London; and more recently have been travelling throughout Queensland connecting with local innovators and entrepreneurs. 

So what’s next?

We feel greatly honoured to have the chance to continue working with Leanne in her role as Chief for the next year. This will give us a great platform to work more deeply with the entrepreneurial community and to create what we hope will be relevant and important points of connection from those just starting out, to those creating companies and scaling up. At the Office, we are working to make others successful – we want to provide the inspiration and education to help Queensland’s entrepreneurs and innovators grow and develop and build entrepreneurship in Queensland. 

We have a great team in the Office who are working to support and amplify what is happening in our already thriving ecosystem. You are part of our journey and we want to be part of yours! Reach out to us via team@oqce.qld.gov.au or our social media channels to tell us about your own startup story or good news update.