Craft brewer Sobah Beverages wins second round of Adopt-a-Chief program


Craft brewer Sobah Beverages wins second round of Adopt-a-Chief program

Gold Coast company Sobah Beverages has been chosen as the second recipient of the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur’s Adopt-a-Chief Program.

On July 15 Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp will visit the brand new Sobah Beverages HQ at Burleigh on the Gold Coast and lend her skills to the team for the day.

Sobah Beverages produces Australia’s only locally brewed, non-alcoholic craft beer infused with bush tucker ingredients. Simultaneously, the company raises money to establish holistic drug and alcohol healing programs.

The team’s big wins began when they launched a campaign with crowdfunding platform Pozible, which enabled them to raise enough money to launch Sobah commercially in a can. The campaign also helped the company grow its audience and create a strong community around its product.

This community has become key for the Sobah team’s success. The founders felt most people who didn’t drink alcohol missed out on the comradery and community that surrounded the craft beer industry.

Sobah Beverages’ products allows those who choose not to drink to still feel a part of the group.

The company’s network of fans, retailers and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have provided endless support since the startup launched.

Sobah Beverages has experienced rapid growth since its commercial launch in December 2017.

Co-founders and husband-wife team Gamilaroi man Clinton Schultz and Lozen McDiarmid-Schultz have found themselves in an industry in which neither of them have any training or long-term experience.

“Every milestone has been challenging but also rewarding,” Lozen said.

The pair say learning on the job has had its ups and downs and they were now looking for assistance in forecasting their moves and goals for both the short and long term.

“We’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past two years, and we are constantly seeking mentorship to ensure that we grow in a way that minimises costly mistakes,” Lozen said.

By applying for and winning the Adopt-a-Chief Program the Sobah team has the opportunity to gain valuable mentorship from someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Lozen said with Leanne’s session they were aiming to explore topics such as employment and HR practices, securing investors and growth, with the main focus on expanding globally.

“We are eager to learn off Leanne as someone with great levels of experience in this area,” Lozen said.

The Sobah team wants to use this opportunity to ensure they have the right contacts and follow the right steps from the start - hopefully to avoid more challenges later on.