Chief Entrepreneur wraps up a busy month around Queensland


21 days

17 regional towns and cities

70+ events

1800+ stakeholders, innovators and entrepreneurs 

To say that August has been a busy month in the Office of the Chief Entrepreneur is an understatement! But it’s also been an incredible month supporting the Chief, Leanne Kemp, as she travelled across Queensland meeting with innovators, entrepreneurs, backyard inventors, schools, universities, local governments, and more during the Building Innovation in the Regions Program. 

In her role as Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Leanne Kemp has made connecting with Queensland’s entire entrepreneurial ecosystem a priority. Through a variety of engagement methods, Leanne has been listening to, meeting with, supporting, showcasing and championing innovation in Queensland. Leanne is interested in all types of innovation whether it be companies starting out or scaling up, individuals with an idea looking for what next, young people, kids and teens who want to change the world or people within bigger organisations like universities or government who want to encourage an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. 

“The Building Innovation in the Regions Program has been a huge undertaking and it’s been incredible to see up close not just the innovation happening all around the state, but also hearing from innovators about the challenges they are facing. It’s now up to me as Queensland Chief Entrepreneur to consider the findings of the program and to how I can leverage my role to create change more broadly across Queensland,” said Ms Kemp.

“And for those many places that I didn’t get a chance to visit on this program, never fear! It’s my intention to keep visiting regional Queensland throughout my tenure as Chief, which I’m pleased to remind you all was extended until the end of December 2020!

“Queensland is a big state, it’s a vast geography and there are many challenges that we face and that through innovation and clever thinking, have a chance to solve. It’s been invigorating to visit so many different places and meet with so many people to find out how Queensland ticks when it comes to innovation. Watch this space for how we can all unite as a community and truly make Queensland Australia’s #startupstate,” said Ms Kemp.

The Office is busy going through notes and actions from the August regional program; there is loads of content that we will be sharing throughout the rest of the year and we will also be working hard to ensure that the outcomes of discussions and feedback we received are addressed. As always we welcome feedback and suggestions anytime via the links on our website or through social media.

And don’t forget, startups and entrepreneurs can connect with their local Advancing Regional Innovation Program coordinators via, and Advance Queensland via