Album Registry wins third round of Adopt-a-Chief program


Cairns-based company Album Registry has been chosen as the third recipient of the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur’s Adopt-a-Chief program.

Album Registry helps professional photographers from around the globe generate additional revenue and referrals with the use of online gift registries. They help everyone afford the professional photographer of their dreams and provide a beautiful gift giving experience.

It works similarly to a traditional gift registry but for professional photography services and print products. A photographer simply creates a registry page and the host of the event then shares it with their friends and family, which in turn allows them to contribute towards the goal. Essentially, the host is crowdfunding a photographer for their special occasion.

The service has been particularly popular with organisers of weddings and baby showers.

Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp will spend the day with Album Registry founder Jannah Dryden on 25 November.

“I founded Album Registry in 2015, in Cairns, after using the concept in my photography business in 2014,” says Jannah.

“I first met Leanne on the Startup Catalyst London Female Founders Mission in 2017. Her story absolutely blew me away and I know that every single woman on that Mission would say the same.

“On that day we coined the line ‘What Would Leanne Do? #WWLD,’ so I’m absolutely stoked to have won this competition.

“I started negotiations with an Israeli software provider to integrate our technology at pretty much the same time as the Adopt-a-Chief program opened. I had to apply for this — it was a no-brainer.”

The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur was blown away with Jannah’s application and cite it as one of the best they have received for this program. The video was outstanding (watch it below), and the #WWLD concept was a winner.

As a sole founder, Jannah has found running a business can be difficult without anyone to bounce ideas off of.

“That’s what I’m really looking forward to, having someone to share my ideas with,” Jannah says. “I would also like help to get my head around financial forecasting and service agreements. 

“Being a non-technical founder has come with a huge host of challenges, especially when hiring the right development team. Being in regional Queensland has added to that technical challenge.

“I’m gradually learning how to have those technical discussions confidently and communicate effectively.”

While the challenges Jannah has faced have been significant, the rewards have made all her hard work worth it.

“The highlight is seeing the results our photographers are having,” she says.

“I love helping photographers generate tens of thousands of dollars worth of additional revenue and seeing so many family and friends leave their loving notes post-purchase.

“Just seeing the business come to life has been incredible, and even through the hard times, I wouldn’t change a thing.”