Women's Cocktail Hour

Women's Hour Goes Global


It was a no-brainer to take Women's Hour to Myriad this month with so many incredible women in Brisbane for what has been cited in Startup Aus as "Australia's leading innovation festival".  It was a great opportunity to meet some female founders and entrepreneurs from regional Queensland as well as so many of the international speakers who had jetted in on Myriad Air.

Shadi Rostami, VP Engineering, Palo Alto Networks said: "The talent that I have seen here at Myriad has far exceeded my expectations - I had no idea Brisbane was so exciting!"  Shadi had shown true grit by networking her way across the Atlantic for 14 hours straight on Myriad Air before speaking at an OQCE event at The Capital upon arrival.  She even managed to meet for the first time founder Steve Jurvetson of Future Ventures from her home town right here in Brisbane highlighting the magic that happens at our Women's Cocktail Hour.

We were also pleased to welcome Genevieve Lydstone co-founder of Fetcher and Jayni Shah of Menlo Ventures, who had also travelled from the States to speak at Myriad - pictured above with Myriad Founder Martin Talvari.

Closer to home we were glad to welcome Danielle Lewis of Scrunch - a staunch supporter of Women's Cocktail Hour - who was in turn being supported by her Scrunch team as she prepared to speak the next day at Myriad.