Startup Lounge

Welcome to the Startup Lounge!


This new addition to the busy Brisbane startup scene is something different. Hosted by Chris Rolls - who is a serial entrepreneur turned VC fund manager - Startup Lounge is about showing you something you didn't already know about our local entrepreneurial talent. And talent is the key word. 

Entrepreneurs don't always stick to the first path they choose and often the reason entrepreneurs achieve success is down to their ability to roll with the punches and think quickly on their feet.

Chris is a prime example. Already the founder of SCODY Performance Wear and First Class Accounts, Rental Express, in 2016 Chris went on to found  VC fund PieLAB Venture Partners. After his performance at the Startup Lounge we think his next career move could be to late night TV chat shows – watch this space!

We passed the popcorn whilst Chris chatted to Rob Nixon, the revolutionary entrepreneur behind groundbreaking cloud software solution PANALITIX, and Tamara Loehr, current CEO Of FivePointFour amongst other roles, whose ability to turn MVPs into seven figure asset values in under 2 years currently finds her exploring the VC market through funds management. 

Meanwhile three lucky singletons were treated to a candlelight dinner of FivePointFour meals accompanied by Tamara’s pop video from her Claire Trentain career (it’s not only her ready meals that are spicy - check it out here to see for yourself!)