The Advisor Series

Strategic Investment:The Good,The Bad and The Delightful


There comes a time in every Startup that investment becomes business critical and tough decisions have to be made.  In June's instalment of The Advisor Series our Investment Expert Sharon Doyle of InterFinancial talks to two founders who have had to make bold moves to ensure that their companies not only survived but thrived.

Rebecca Wilson, CEO of media juggernaut Starts at 60, needed investment to move her fast-growing community of writers out of her home office and into a premises that was future-proof. Kim Parascos, CEO of software development company, iVolve also had to seek funding to commercialise new products as iVolve grew internationally.  Rebecca and Kim will give a frank appraisal of their paths to investment partners and the impact that these partnerships have had on their businesses, their growth and their personal roles within their companies.

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