Powering into 2018

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Powering into 2018

The New Year is literally off to a bright start for the PowerWells team and 100 remote communities in Indonesia with the announcement last week that corporate sponsor solar company Gem Energy is on board.

PowerWells is a startup that was formed at the Logan social enterprise StartupWeekend in November last year.

Over the weekend, co-founders Amatus Douw, Nick Kamols & Bradley Clair developed a small, self-contained off-grid energy supply and storage system made entirely of recycled e-waste – lithium batteries and USB ports from old laptops, LEDs from discarded TVs and ex-commercial solar panels. Everything except the solar panel is stored in a recycled paint tin.

Within three weeks, Nick, Brad and Amatus had travelled to Jakarta, sourced local e-waste materials, redesigned their product to fit into discarded cooking oil tins which were easier to source than paint tins, and installed the first two PowerWells in West Papua.

Each PowerWell can charge a mix of 50 small electronic devices and torches each day, then light up a medium-sized communal space for five hours each night.

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