Microba - an Australian-first microbiome test

New test provides unique insights into gut health


Queensland test provides new insights into gut health

Two University of Queensland Professors, Philip Hugenholtz and Gene Tyson have created a test that provides unique insights into the human gut microbiome. Microba Insight™ is the only test in Australia that presents a complete picture of gut health. There are a range of services that use 16S rRNA testing, which sequences a small part of a single bacterial gene, but Microba Insight™ is the first to use metagenomics, which sequences all the genes from the microorganisms within patient samples.

Gut health is a trending issue in the science of nutrition with studies showing connections between the health of the gut microbiome and overall wellbeing. The science behind Microba Insight™ was featured recently in the ABC's science program, Catalyst. 

Microba Insight™ is due to launch it's full range of testing products in June 2018. 

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