Pioneering technology


Founded by Brisbane doctors James Fielding and Chris Jeffrey in 2014 to improve patient access to audiogram services, Audeara is a startup that has developed the world’s first full-fidelity headphones.

Pioneering technology

The pioneering headphones feature a built-in hearing test, operated through a simple-to-use app, to personalise the frequencies emitted by the speakers – tailoring the headphones to an individual’s natural audio preferences. 

Audeara CEO Dr James Fielding said the headphones offer the best possible music listening experience, and the platform is a potential game changer for medical audio testing equipment.

“We achieve better note separation than any other product on the market, which allows greater appreciation of the composition of the music you listen to, all the while protecting your hearing,” James said.

Refining innovation

Audeara’s startup journey began when a group of Queensland doctors and engineers researched how to implement the innovative audiogram technology. The team quickly saw the international potential of the impactful Brisbane-based project. 

After two years refining the algorithms in the technology with industry feedback, Audeara launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in early 2017. Their goal of $100,000 was reached within the first 10 hours, and more than quadrupled by the end of the campaign, further raising the profile of the startup worldwide and excitement for the commercial release of the headphones.

Brisbane’s startup culture

Audeara have identified the US and Chinese markets as their key growth areas but at this stage, the startup is remaining at home in Brisbane. 

Audeara’s Damian Randell said, “Queensland is investing so heavily in building the startup ecosystem, it’s giving permission for entrepreneurs to say ‘I can try’ and take a rewarding leap of faith.” 

He believes the co-working community was the most significant addition to Brisbane’s startup culture in years.

“I believe in the value of being in a community of similar-minded people. Brisbane has a growing reputation for nurturing and fostering a supportive community for entrepreneurs. Our ecosystem and collaborative spirit mean we all help each out, which validates and adds value to foundation ideas,” Damien said. 

It’s an exciting time for these Brisbane-born entrepreneurs. The Audeara headphones are just one of the stable of exciting projects in the pipeline. To stay up-to-date with all their news and to get your hands on a pair of Audeara headphones as soon as they hit the shelves, connect with the team their website.